AHOP: hop dosing

With AHOP, we developed a fully automatic and a manual solution for the dosing of solids and liquids (hop pellets, powders, herbs, aromas …) in beer. These dosing installations provide answers to most of the issues of existing dry hopping techniques and guarantee the addition of unlimited quantities without O2-uptake.

AHOP & AHOP Manual

Mean and lean dry-hopping

A new generation of beers with a more pronounced and aromatic hop flavour is getting more and more interest from a broad beer drinking audience, let by the IPA (India Pale Ale) revolution.

Whilst these speciality beer volumes are increasing, the current dry-hopping techniques face challenges coping with bigger volumes of hop. Furthermore, the current processing techniques are causing brewers headaches. It’s often a time consuming, beer spoiling and complex task to get the hops in and out of the beer. Issues like blockages due to swollen hop pellets, oxygen pick-up, limited batches, cleanability and flexibility are well-known brewers’ challenges.


Agidens developed the fully-automated hop dosing solution AHOP. This economical dosing solution tackles most challenges of existing dry-hopping techniques. The moveable unit is extensively tested on easy dosing of unlimited amounts of hop pellets into beer and ensures greater efficiency and quality in the brewing process.

Added value of AHOP

  • Fully automated solution based on Siemens TIA portal
  • Continuous dosing process
  • Unlimited batch hop volumes
    • Fast intake
    • Guaranteed zero oxygen pick-up
  • Efficient hop usage and better aroma intake
  • Total dry-hopping solutions with
    • raiser pipe
    • AJET tank jet mixer solution
    • Alfa Laval’s Iso-Mix External Drive (IMXD) rotary jet mixer
  • Beer transfer pump functionality included
  • Versatile additive dosing (coffee, spices, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Fully CIP-able

AHOP Manual

AHOP Manual is the manual and compact version of the fully-automated hop dosing unit AHOP. The same functionality is guaranteed, but with manual actions instead of automatic or recipe driven sequences. With this budget-friendly solution, we make the life of brewers at smaller breweries easier.

Added value

  • Manual mobile unit: simple, lean and easy to use
  • Low investment cost
  • Use of existing pump unit possible
  • Efficient hop usage and better aroma intake
  • Ideal for small batch fermenters (craft breweries)
  • Unique AHOP dosing module features
    • Continuous dosing process
    • Unlimited batch hop volumes
    • Zero oxygen pick-up
    • Fully CIP-able
    • Versatile additive dosing (coffee, spices, dried fruit …)


Swinkels Family Brewers

A. Le Coq

De Brabandere Brewery

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