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NEWS: Sustainability efforts rewarded with level 5 certification


ZWIJNDRECHT, February 7, 2019 - Agidens, the Belgian system integration company specialized in process optimization through advice, engineering, automated solutions and maintenance services, has been rewarded for its sustainability efforts by receiving the Level 5 certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder. With this certificate, Agidens shows that it is actively working on CO2 reduction.

Agidens stands for Agile, Confidence and Sustainability. Sustainability is a theme that is embedded in the entire Agidens business management for both its own processes and that of its customers. An important goal is to strive for the lowest possible ecological footprint.

Specific action points for achieving this objective are the reduction of the own CO2 emissions from the car fleet and a reduction of the electricity consumption in the offices. The annual mapping of the CO2 footprint offers the company the opportunity to monitor its emissions and take efficient measures to reduce them and make business operations more sustainable. With these efforts, Agidens aims to reduce its CO2 emissions (related to turnover) by 10% in 2021 compared to 2016.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a leading sustainability instrument in the Dutch market with a main aim to encourage companies to actively work on CO2 reduction. The ladder has five levels, rising from 1 to 5. The higher the efforts of the company, the higher the position on the ladder. With the achievement of a Level 5 certification, Agidens shows that it is one of the front runners on corporate social responsibility.

Agidens not only contributes by investing in its own operations, but also in those of its customers.
A team of energy experts helps clients optimize their energy management through energy audits and solutions. The acquisition mid-2018 of Argus Technologies, a cloud-based SaaS energy monitoring platform, confirms Agidens' ambition to be a premium partner in the field of energy, sustainability and system integration.

The Agidens Innovation Eco System is used to support the strategic vision and allows the company to respond to future trends in a sustainable way. It creates a framework for meeting social, ecological and economic challenges.

Sustainability and mobility are inextricably linked. Agidens launched various initiatives to make its own mobility policy more sustainable. For example, it opened different satellite offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, all Belgian employees can subscribe to a bicycle plan and there is an Eco-driving pilot program that offers tips for a more sustainable driving style. Also, efforts are being made to investigate and promote an ecological fleet selection. As a recognition and to support these initiatives, in 2018 Agidens received an allowance from the Flemish Pendulum Fund.

Geert Stienen, CEO of Agidens, sees this achievement as part of a larger vision. "We are extremely satisfied with this result. On the one hand it is a recognition of the responsibility we take as a company to optimize our own infrastructure and mobility management. On the other hand, this certification gives Agidens an additional award advantage in public procurement, which means that we, as a service partner and energy specialist, can also contribute to the energy efficiency of our customers. This is how we try to complete the circle together. "

Gijs Termeer, project manager at SKAO, congratulates Agidens on obtaining the level 5 certificate. "The organization demonstrates decisiveness through its innovative and sustainable business operations. In addition to Agidens, more and more companies are seeing the added value of these instruments. In the business world, the CO2 Performance Ladder has become the standard instrument for a sustainable green economy. "

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