Automated solutions for car parks

Car parks, above as well as under the ground, have a high level of automation. Agidens is specialized in designing, installing and maintaining all kinds of automated solutions to control and secure parking lots. We go for increased safety, maximum control and optimal monitoring of the car park facilities.

Automation projects from A to Z

Agidens has a long experience in automating a wide range of infrastructure works. If required by the client, we take all aspects of the project in scope, delivering:
  • Design
  • Engineering (software, E&I, etc.)
  • Installation & Integration
  • Maintenance

Our solutions for (underground) car parks

Agidens gives you the big advantage of not having to engage different contractors for different electro-technical and software solutions. With Agidens you have got one supplier for all services.
  • Access control (gates, ticketing system, barriers)
  • Signaling systems
  • Payment systems
  • Emergency lights and emergency power
  • CCTV (surveillance camera's) and audio systems
  • Fire detection, fire suppresion systems and pump control
  • Ventilation systems
  • Etc.

Why Agidens?

Apart from our long experience in infrastructure automation, a collaboration with Agidens offers several advantages:
  • One contractor for all automation solutions in car parks
  • We integrate all systems involved so that you have a singular easy to use platform at your disposal for the entire control of your facilities.
  • Deep know how of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and automation.

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