Knowledge-driven trainings & coaching

Agidens is a knowledge-driven organization. In order to stay at the top of the class in a quickly changing work environment, all employees can take part in lifelong learning in our Agidens Academy. Together with various specialised centres for training and coaching, we constantly nurture our talents.

Popular training courses at Agidens

In consultation with the coach, each staff member receives an individual training plan with group or individual training courses; training within Agidens or at external training centres. Examples of training courses that have been in great demand in recent years:
  • Technical trainings:, PCS7, etc.
  • Methodology trainings: project management
  • Social  skills: conflict management, motivating & inspiring, coaching & managing groups, etc.
  • Language courses: French, German, Spanish, etc.
  • Internal tools: Project Data Management System, etc.

Shared responsibility & unique talents

At Agidens we believe that you know what you need in order to do your work effectively. We expect you to use your initiative to request resources and take the time you need. But as an organisation, we will also take responsibility for keeping you well informed about the strategic direction of the organisation and investing in your talents.

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